Good Shepherd Church of the Brethren
950 Heather Drive
At the corner of Heather and Price's Fork Rd
Blacksburg, VA
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Compassionate Connections

For Personal, Family, and Community Peace, Understanding, and Joyful Growth


Weekly Community Practice Group

Wednesdays 7-9 PM


Free for everyone in our New River Valley Community who wishes to learn a language for powerful, honest, compassionate living


Every day, all around us we are bombarded with violent language -- thoughts and words of anger, hate, judgment, ridicule, and blame -- that often leads to violent action.


But imagine instead:

·        Listening and speaking honestly without judging

·        Acknowledging mistakes without blame or shame

·        Changing anger into compassionate understanding

·        Hearing and saying “no” without anger or guilt

·        Transforming conflicts into cooperative agreements

·        Achieving goals using “power with” rather than “power over”


Our practice group

·        is peace-filled but not religion or faith based

·        is grounded in the work of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD.

·        requires no previous knowledge of NVC


Contact: Patricia Bevan * 540-552-8681